SJO, in collaboration with industry experts, brings you the SJO Business Growth Series. This webinar series equips you with the hard-hitting, insider knowledge you need to outsell your competition and bring in new, quality customers.

Episode 1: Get Ready for the Holiday Selling Season

Ready for the holiday selling season? Discover how to make this your best year yet!

In this webinar, we bring not one but two speakers to share tips and strategies for making 2019 your best holiday season yet.

Are you ready for more sales and bigger profits? Don’t wait another moment to listen to this informative session.

Part 1: Partnering with local employers to drive their employees into your store

Presented by James Porte

James Porte

Part 2: Stop flying by the seat of your pants!  What you need to do now to get your marketing ready for the holidays

Presented by Bill Warren

Bill Warren