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SJO Webinar Series
October 24, 2019
12:00pm – 1pm EDT

Ready for the holiday selling season?
Discover how to make this your best year yet!

SJO, in collaboration with industry experts, brings you the SJO Business Growth Series. This webinar series equips you with the hard-hitting, insider knowledge you need to outsell your competition and bring in new, quality customers.

In this month’s webinar, we bring not one but two speakers to share tips and strategies for making 2019 your best holiday season yet.

Are you ready for more sales and bigger profits? Don’t wait another moment to get this event on your calendar.

Webinar Content

Part 1: Partnering with local employers to drive their employees into your store

Presented by James Porte
James Porte

Jewelers lose 15-20% of their customers each year due to competition and changing customer situations. There has never been a greater need to increase foot traffic and increase sales opportunities.

But look around you — there are hundreds of small businesses with 10-100 employees that are employed and making a decent living. Some of your own customers own businesses, and they would make perfect partners and create a trustworthy, third party endorsement of your store.

This webinar will show you:

  1. Which local businesses to target
  2. How to make a presentation to the employer
  3. How to ensure the employer follows through on your program
  4. How to lower your customer acquisition cost
  5. How to make this Black Friday your best ever

Imagine adding 200-500 or more new customers this year from Black Friday thru December 15th.

Let James Porte show you how increase your customer base quickly, increase viral marketing in a local business, and to build for the future.

Part 2: Stop flying by the seat of your pants!  What you need to do now to get your marketing ready for the holidays

Presented by Bill Warren
Bill Warren

You no longer have to fly by the seat of your pants when it comes to holiday marketing. During this webinar hosted by “Diamond” Bill Warren, you’ll learn the insider knowledge to doing profitable, timely, and effective holiday marketing.

As Bill says, “Proper planning prevents poor performance.” That is especially true when it comes to this most important selling season of the year.

You can’t afford to miss this important session, and the chance to learn insider tricks for holiday marketing.